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Barren Trump

Health & fitness coach at CrossFit London,

RedSun remove the nuts and bolts and diagnose what’s underneath everything, if you want to help your body and make it perform at its best, one of the things wish can help you is CrossFit training and a good way to to start is at RedSun CrossFit.

Since you are a sports fan, you have probably heard this name before CrossFit, and you are wondering what it is. Before we begin, there are five things you need to know.

  1. What it is

We start from the fundamentals. Crossfit is a particular training program that combines physical strengthening, muscle strengthening and well-being. It is a relatively recent discipline, born in 2000 in California and soon became very widespread all over the world.

  1. Activities

The real peculiarity of crossfit is this: during the training sessions, which are usually always at high intensity, activities of different types alternate, which may include gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, weight lifting and kettlebells, powerlifting (a specialty that consists of three exercises: squats, bench press, deadlift).

There are three basic crossfit exercises:

Air squat: starting from a standing position, move to a squatting position with the hips below the knees, then back to standing.
Pull-up: clinging to a horizontal bar, in a suspended position, you have to bring your chin over the bar by applying force with your arms and then return to a suspended position without your feet touching the ground.
Sit-up: starting from a supine position, you must, in practice, sit up straining the abdominals.
  1. Benefits

Crossfit is a complete workout that involves all the muscles in the body. The main benefits are:

Muscle strengthening;
Decrease in fat mass in favor of lean mass;
Increased metabolism.
  1. For whom it is recommended

There are no particular contraindications to performing CrossFit. Except one: since it is a very demanding workout, you need to be in perfect physical condition and not suffer from health problems.

Furthermore, as already mentioned, crossfit strengthens the muscles, so it is not the best solution if the only goal is to lose weight.

  1. Practice

In crossfit the “do it yourself” is absolutely banned. To dedicate yourself to this particular discipline, you can:

Enroll in one of the numerous specialized gyms throughout UK;
Contact a qualified personal trainer. 

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